Top safety for Slovenské Elektrárne


The Enel Group is one of the world's major players in electricity generation and distribution, a position it conquered thanks to its work towards innovation, efficiency and customer care. These are values that are becoming increasingly important globally, in particular regarding social and environmental sustainability, which in the current energy market is the only way a business can become a leader.

With this in mind, the Enel Group is committed to increasing the safety and minimising the environmental impact of its operations, a goal that is being attained through considerable investment and targeted action at all of its plants.

Particular care is being devoted to the nuclearpower, in which the Enel Group is one of Europe's major operators, with plants for 5.3 gigawatts of capacity in Spain and Slovakia.

Safety is an absolute priority in these plants, and the Group is regularly certified by the field's international regulatory bodies. The most recent acknowledgement came from the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), which found that the four reactors managed by Enel subsidiary Slovenské Elektrárne are among the safest in the world in their category. The Slovakian energy firm ranked in the top five in a list that included all 52 VVER reactors that were in service between 2011 and 2013.

Slovenskè Elektràrne's nuclear plants also meet 50 percent of the country's electricity demand and in 2013 reached a load factor of 92.3 percent (this is the percentage of hours in which energy was generated over the hours that make up a year).

The top performance of the Enel Group's Slovakian plants had already been reported by Nuclear Engineering International magazine that in its yearly assessment of the performances of the world's nuclear plants that it published in June of last year, named the reactors managed by Slovenské Elektrárne as best in the class.