Efficiency driving global growth


The need for efficiency has become an opportunity for development, gaining increasing importance in economics, politics, energy, and society at large. It has become a target which businesses, governments and individuals are aiming for, as it has become part of the fight for the survival of the planet.

The latest issue of Oxygen, the magazine promoted by Enel that looks at science in both daily life and at the frontiers of research, is dedicated to the importance efficiency is gaining around the world, whether it be in transport, domestic life, consumption or energy generation.

The rise of efficiency hasn't spared the energy industry and has brought about new production sectors, solutions and opportunities. This issue focuses on the energy sector as one of the areas in which efficiency is involving the entire production chain. Individual awareness, business commitment and developments in technology combine on an issue that involves all the different aspects of everyday life in today's society.

People have become directly involved in efficiency, which is now an integral part every area of our society, and because of the economic crisis we have been thrown into a new era dominated by the need for a sharing economy and to make the best use of what we have, producing more with the same resources.  

Efficiency can be the engine that drives growth globally in an environment in which everything needs to be reimagined. Oxygen sheds light on a paradigm shift that has already created new careers, professions and industry in an economy of sustainable solutions, in which efficiency produces efficiency and spontaneous growth.