Enel's commitment to the environment


Protecting the environment and fighting climate change are important commitments for governments, organisations and businesses across the world. The Enel Group is fully aware of the role that the energy industry should play, and as such has made the principles of environmental sustainability a key part of its business.  

An example of this commitment is the considerable investments that Endesa – the Enel Group subsidiary that operates in Spain, Portugal and Latin America – is making in environmental management, with the business' latest report documenting €70million of investment in its environmental activities.

Endesa is set on minimising any negative environmental effect of its activities through sound waste management and both the reduction of gas emissions and the consumption of natural resources. In addition, it is also developing a number of projects that will study and protect biodiversity.

One such example is the study being carried out on biodiversity around hydropower reservoirs. In Spain, where there are more than 1,200 large dams, Endesa is completing an inventory of the vegetation and bird life around the reservoirs. Up to now, the inventory of 54 basins has been made in the autonomous communities of Andalucía, Extremadura, Cataluña, Galicia and Castilla-La Mancha. Over the course of 2012, when the inventory process began, 53 bird species have been identified, totalling more than 6,600.

Endesa also analyses the sea areas adjacent to its plants that are located on the coast. The aim of this project, developed together with the University of Seville, is to determine the ecological and environmental potential of the Bahía de Algeciras facility in Cadiz and Carboneras plant in Almeria. The results of the first studies are encouraging, as thanks to its excellent condition of the water, it could be a suitable habitat for a number of endangered species.

Thirteen projects help protect of bird life by carrying out work on distribution lines, in which Endesa has invested €350,000.