Smart City Santiago targets the future


Discovering the future by entering the shell of a giant snail sounds like something from science fiction, but in Santiago it has become a reality thanks to the caracol, which is at the technological heart of Santiago Smart City, the most recent smart city project that is being carried in Huechuraba, on the outskirts of the Chilean capital.

'Smart City Santiago is a living, breathing laboratory where we can use all available technologies to improve the quality of life for the city's inhabitants by combining innovation, efficiency and sustainability,' said general director of Chilectra Cristián Fierro. Santiago is the first smart city in the South American country, whose inhabitants will benefit from remote control, network and home automation and LED street lighting. Distributed generation and the full integration of renewable energy will enable the efficient management of networks alongside public and private e-mobility, which can eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from transport.

The Smart City Santiago's motto is 'smart energy for tomorrow's city today', which draws on the Enel Group's broad experience in the development of smart cities across Europe and Latin America. Besides ongoing work in Chile, other projects are well under way in Bouzios in Brazil, Malaga and Barcelona in Spain and Genoa, Bari and Cosenza in Italy.

A smart network connects the Group's smart projects. Teams in Italy, Spain, Brazil and Chile are now working together to form a sort of smart network that is turning the experience of individual projects into a shared asset that grows each day. The solutions devised to tackle problems that are being faced in Italy or Spain add value to a working method that is going beyond national boundaries and taking shape in the form of a smart city community.