Endesa bolsters its commitment to CSR


Endesa has signed a cooperation agreement with Forética under which it has become both a new partner promoter of the organisation. The business' involvement with Forética is in keeping with the company's strategy of playing an active role in the major domestic and international CSR forums, thereby further strengthening its leading role in sustainability.

The Enel Group's participation in this forum will help it to continue to identify successful initiatives that can be applied to its own business, showcase its own best practices, forge alliances, access key information and research studies and to leverage another platform for dialogue with its stakeholders. Endesa's Smartcity Málaga project has been selected for inclusion in the Enterprise 2020 campaign for 2013-2015 as part of Sustainable Living in Cities project.

Enterprise 2020 is the only business leadership initiative endorsed in the European Commission's 2011-2014 Strategy for CSR because of its potential impact on business. Launched in 2010, its mission, in line with that of the European Agenda 2020, is to support businesses in building sustainable competitiveness, fostering close collaboration between businesses and their stakeholders and to strengthen Europe's global CSR leadership over the next decade.

The 78 projects that currently form part of Enterprise 2020 were jointly promoted by over 1200 organisations and are focused on two vital action lines for economic recovery and competitiveness: Skills for Jobs and Sustainable Living in Cities.