Over 61 million customers choose Enel


The number of Enel customers has almost doubled worldwide in the last nine years, withmore than 61 million people living in 10 different countries choosing to have their electricity or gas supplied by the Group. Since 2005 the number has grown from 34 million to reach today's high, with its huge array of customers including households, businesses and government authorities. Enel has a presence on European and Latin American energy supply markets, from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Romania to Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru.


CountryCustomers*Group's distribution company
Italy31Enel Servizio Elettrico; Enel Energia; Enel Distribuzione
Spain and Portugal13Endesa; Endesa Energía
Brazil6.7Coelce; Ampla; Pratil
Romania2.7Enel Energie; Enel Energie Muntenia

*Millions of customers as of December 31st. 2013


From the Punto Enel in Italy to the Enel Kiosk in Romania, the Coelce vans travelling through the barrios of Rio de Janeiro, the Endesa Clientes network in Spain and Edelnor in Peru, the Group's companies offer high-quality services and new digital technologies, a direct relationship with customers and online solutions. The Group's ability to offer a broad range of different power and gas supply deals that are tailored to customer needs and local energy market conditions is the key reason for the growth that it has achieved over the past few years.

Energy efficiency and new services are the key objectives for both Enel Energie in Romania and Chilectra in Chile. With the development of active demandand smart solutions that are turning consumers into prosumers the Group's distribution companies are focusing their strategy on providing added-value products and services, and are aiming at increasing their current 13.1 million global free market customers to 24.6 million by the end of 2018.