A successful year for Enel Lab


It is time to take stock the results achieved by and the growth prospects for Enel Lab, Enel's business laboratory for start-ups, a year after the announcement of the seven winners of its first edition.

Enel is currently working on a Performance Review of the first year of cooperation with the Group and its various areas, the extent the development and strategic fit of the start-ups themselves, their technology and commercial potential in relation to the Groups aims and objectives. 

The overall assessment of the experience so far is positive. 'When we started off last year, this was an experiment,' said Enel's Head of strategic planning and Enel Lab director Alberto de Paoli in a recent interview with EnelTV. 'We were taking a first step towards innovation outside the company, and we didn't know how it would work out. We have put in great effort and the first year has definitely been positive.'

De Paoli underlined the solidity of Enel Lab, which is a 'plan that is industrial rather than financial and offers these start-ups a number of legal, administrative and tax-related benefits, as well as assistance and access to additional funding'.

'A great job has been done and the start-ups have woven themselves into the fabric of the business,' said De Paoli, adding that this positive experience is why the second edition of Enel Labis set to kick off soon. 'We want to be more consistent, more focused and open to other countries,' added De Paoli. For further information, you can visit the Enel Lab website and get in contact with Enel's business laboratory.

Over the course of this year, the winners of the first Enel Lab edition worked within Enel, used its laboratories, were helped by its technicians and could test their ideas directly on-site. Thanks to the Group's presence in 40 countries, Enel also helped to extend the scope of the activities carried out by the start-ups by putting them on the international stage and offering access to everything that a large company like Enel has at its disposal.