Enel's commitment to CSR


"Respect for human rights has always been a key Enel value thanks to the Code of Ethics it established in 2002, its Zero Tolerance towards Corruption Plan and its 231 Organizational Model," said Enel's CSR manager Patricia Navarra at the 12th edition of the Sodalitas Social Award, which is Italy's most important CSR award and an big event for companies that want to share their best practices.

The current socio-economic environment has put businesses in a place where they need to help encourage smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This appeal to act more responsibly is central to international debate and is one of the core principles of the UN Global Compact that Enel joined in 2004, which is an OECD guideline and a goal for Europe 2020.

'Enel has never just passively applied the regulations enforced on them but is instead proactive in defining and transposing increasingly innovative trends, as shown by its Human Rights Policy,' Navarra stressed. 'In order to implement the United Nations guidelines on Business and Human Rights and after six months of multi-stakeholder consultations, in February last year Enel's Board of Directors approved the policy and then applied it to its main subsidiaries.

'Enel is also innovative in promoting these rights among its contractors, suppliers and commercial partners, broadening the range of its actions and exposing potential critical issues.'

Navarra also noted that 'the company began a due diligence procedure that includes assessments made in the countries in which the Group has a presence. Thus the extent of policy implementation will be established and areas for improvement and related execution plans will be identified, as part of integration of sustainability principles and objectives into corporate procedures'.