Enel leading the european electric car revolution


The objective of Green eMotion, a project that aims to revolutionise transport in Europe, is to promote the use of electric vehicles by developing solutions for the obstacles that up to now have hindered their more widespread use.

The Green eMotion consortium was established in 2011 and consists of 43 partners from the energy, automotive and electronic industries, universities and research institutes. The project's main goal is to define a set of Europe-wide standards and conditions for the development of e-mobility throughout the continent. Research and tests have been carried out in a number of European regions to establish a framework and create a sustainable platform based on common regulations.

The project includes analysis of data from major industry players on how to charge and use electric vehicles: the time of day in which the vehicles tend to be charged more often, whether at public charging stations or domestically, the location of the most popular public stations and so forth.

The project also includes practical demonstrations, in which solutions are put into practice in order to reduce the structural gap with conventionally fuelled vehicles. Enel is guiding testing of interoperability between different suppliers, and Enel Distribuzione has created the both the first interoperability system in Italy and the first in Europe to work between two systems from different countries. Due to its extensive experience in the field, Enel is the coordinator of the board for these projects.

In order to discover the most efficient ways of consolidating a European electric vehicles marketplace, 10 e-mobility initiatives have been tested at a regional and national level, with analysis of the results and the different technological approaches being carried out. Green eMotion, which will conclude in 2015, supports the EU's objective of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and by 60 percent by 2050.