Street Lighting has never been so smart


In the smart city era, the traditional lampposts that light up our towns and cities are being turned into hub of features and services that bring together energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, protection of the environment, safety and traffic control. In short, smart street lighting is turning our city streets and squares friendlier places to be.

Smart street lighting is a new, complex mode of lighting, an advanced network of lights that provides a huge range services and a big step forward from the old individual street lights.

Its remote control system developed by Enel Sole, is one of the cornerstones of smart street lighting and is part of similar smart city model already being developed by the Group in Europe and Latin America. The system enables the remote management of the street lighting network and the performing of the diagnostics exam of devices and lights, improving customer services and enabling prompt action in case of breakdowns, which in turn greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Smart cities are 2.0 street lighting incubators that have introduced innovations such as video surveillance, the development of electric vehicle charging stations, traffic control and Wi-Fi communication. The Group has for years been carrying out smart projects not only through Enel Sole and Endesa, but also by supporting startups like Smart-I, which was selected by Enel Lab for its cutting-edge Smart Eye prototype. The device is attached street lights, which then provide as much light as necessary wherever it is needed, increasing safety on the street and providing added value services like the monitoring of traffic lights and car parks.