The Enel Foundation's energy efficiency commitment


The development of energy efficiency is one of the key commitments of the Enel Foundation Centre of Study, who recently organised a conference at the Enel Auditorium in Rome that examined the current state of the Italian construction industry and had the aim of promoting a culture of efficiency, as well as removing the obstacles that hinder its progress.

During the event, which was moderated by Mariano Morazzo, Head of the Foundation's Socio-Economic Research Area, the Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy (FIRE) presented a research report.

"We are paying serious attention to energy efficiency, because it is a key theme for the national and international energy industry," said Morazzo. "The goal of the research was to establish which skills and technology will necessary for its development, determine what prevents it from flourishing and highlight successful, innovative business models."

The study doesn't limit itself to just communicating data, but also it offers insight on how to increase both awareness and understanding of the problem.

"Administrative, cultural and financial issues are the barriers that are holding back the spread of energy efficiency," added Morazzo. "In order to overcome them, we need to invest both in informing stakeholders and training operators: carrying out system audits will make it easier to take effective and targeted action."

The Enel Foundation's collaboration with FIRE is just one example of its efforts in energy efficiency. "We conducted a study with the Polytechnic University of Milan on the development of energy efficiency policies in Italy," concluded Morazzo. "The first part of the study suggested that there could be a positive impact on the country's employment rate and economic development, while the second part of the study, which will be presented in autumn, will focus on the Italian technology supply chain as a means of promoting energy efficiency."

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