Ampla and Coelce working for the next generation


Ampla and Coelce have been named 'friends of children' for their work in supporting young children by the Abring Foundation, a non-profit organisation that since 1980 has defended children's rights, in particular regarding education. The Enel Group's Brazilian businesses have been given the honorific titles for the sixth and eighth year running respectively.

The winning projects were Coelce's Endesa Brasil Education and Culture (PEBEC) Ampla's Art Awarnesess and a volunteering programme called Rede do Bem that both companies carry out jointly.

Ampla, through the Opportunity Awareness programme, has also begun a partnership with the Rio de Janeiro State Technical School Support Foundation (FAETEC-RJ) that aims to offer young people better work opportunities through training that gives them technical skills and qualifications.

At the moment 23 students are taking part in administrative assistant, receptionist, electrician, mechanic and IT training courses. Ampla is planning the recruitment of these young people at the Group's contracting businesses.

Ampla and FATEC have also organised a workshop that will further prepare the participants for the world of work, teaching them for instance how to write a CV or how to behave during a job interview.

The protection of young people's rights is not the only the way in which the Group's Brazilian subsidiaries are socially responsibility. For many years Ampla and Coelce have been a constant presence in the most disadvantaged areas of large cities in the states of Rio and Ceará with projects such as:

  • Ecoelce, which rewards customers who recycle their waste by reducing their electricity bills;
  • Consciência Ampla, which since 2005 has seen Ampla personnel travel to the most disadvantaged bairros to increase energy efficiency and electricity security in low-income households, kindergartens and hospitals, as well as to install low-cost electric home appliances and lighting systems.

Troca eficiente is a project promoted by Coelce that since 2009 has helped the poorest people living in Ceará state. Thanks to Troca eficiente many households have replaced their old fridges with new models, helping them to cut electricity consumption by as much as 70 percent.