Enel's Workplace Training Initiatives


Safety is a key part of the Enel Group's daily operations around the world. This is why safety training is so important, and why it involves both Enel's own employees and the contractors undertaking work for the Group.

In 2013 for instance, Enel provided 154,153 hours of training and information on safety for contractors, with all workers carrying out operations for the Group attending courses held by training institutes accredited by the Italian certification organisation Accredia.

Last year, alongside the Group's One Safety – Contractors project, the implementation of other divisional projects also continued, including Safety Coaching, which was introduced by the Infrastructure & Network Division and after a successful testing period in a few regions was then extended to all of the Division's departments across Italy.

Additionally, over the course of the year meetings between Enel staff and contracting businesses continued with the BusinessWorkshop – Work Safely initiative in which, assisted by an Enel technician acting as a facilitator, debates take place with technicians and company managers on accidents that occurred over the year.

Other training activities for contractors include training courses on safety that were held in collaboration with the Italian National Institute for the Qualification of Plant Installation Businesses (UNAE) and addressed the team leaders and managers of contracting businesses.

A particularly interesting project from a technological point of view is Virtual Check Point Contractors (VCPC), which was launched by the Infrastructures & Network Division in order to increase the effectiveness of in-the-field inspections and controls. The project enables the detection, through a smartphone and an electronic badge, workers and machinery that are at the site when works start. The detected data is downloaded to an Enel server and can be then compared with the statements made by the company at the start of the contract.

The Maggior Supporto project is carried out in all Italian production facilities during planned maintenance stoppages, helping to raise awareness among workers of the need to act safely at all times. The project provides for the creation of a support group consisting of technical experts who monitor the behaviour of contracting businesses and subcontractors.

In Spain and Latin America, the Alianzas were signed, a series of agreements on safety with contracting companies that commit to the sharing the principles of the Group's safety policy and to developing joint projects that strengthen H&S standards. The participation of contractors in the One Safety project was promoted as part of the Alianzas.