Focusing on Innovation, Productivity and Growth


"Innovation enables the increase of business productivity, leads to new and efficient organisational models and generates sustainable growth through the spread of new technologies in various sectors of the economy", said President of the Enel Group Patrizia Grieco at the annual conference held at CEFRIEL, the Polytechnic University of Milan's centre of excellence for innovation, research and education in  Information & Communication Technology.

Innovation has undergone a radical transformation across the board, and large corporations' increasing interest in start-ups – in which the Enel Group has decided to invest with its digital innovation and clean technology business incubator Enel Lab – is testament to that.

'The goal is to create an ecosystem that is conducive to the growth of innovative start-ups that contribute to the country's development, staying ahead of trends and proposing new ideas that allow the company to maintain the leadership that it has built over the years,' added Grieco. 'A business or country's ability to innovate is directly proportional to its investment in staff training and skills.'

Training is crucial, beginning with education, and as such, Enel and MIUR have together launched an experimental high school sandwich course project.

According to Grieco, the development of new innovation models entails cooperation between business, research institutions, government authorities and citizens, in order 'to create an environment that encourages the creation of innovative business models, facilitates research and technology transfer and boosts new businesses'.

'Another key area is a strategic governance model that defines policies, research, education, industry and labour in a coherent, long-term manner, in order to build a cultural and regulatory environment in which industry, universities, research, finance and institutions can contribute to creating a system that creates ongoing innovation.'