A global focus on Enel's smart cities


The fifteenth Latin American Digital City Congress, a two-day event involving meetings and analyses of the development of smart cities in Latin America, will begin tomorrow in Malaga. The Enel Group, through its subsidiary Endesa, will take part in the event, which is being organised by Greencities & Sostenibilidad and the Tikal Forum.

The congress will take place in one of the smartest cities in Europe, which over the last few years has been at the centre of important projects such as Smart City Malaga, Green e-motion and ZEM2ALL. These projects are testament to the Enel Group's commitment to sustainability and its ability to transform today's cities in the smart cities of the future.

Endesa also demonstrated the Group's leadership in the development of smart cities in September when it took part in the second Smart Cities Summit in Santiago. The Group's presence was particularly important considering Endesa's role in two of the main projects presented at the event: Smart City Santiago and Smart City Malaga.

Endesa Distribución's Head of Quality and Smart Grids Juan Antonio Barrantes, who spoke at the Summit, stressed that the success of Smart City Malaga has come about due to the partnership between the public and the private sector. Research centres, public bodies and private companies coordinated by Endesa worked together over four years to develop cutting-edge urban energy supply solutions.

The Enel Group has carried out a number of smart city projects around the world: in Genoa, L'Aquila, Bari, Cosenza (Enel in Italy), Barcelona, Malaga (Endesa in Spain), Bouzios (Ampla in Brazil) and Santiago (Chilectra Chile). Enel's Smart Cities concept is multi-sector and based not only on the application of technology, but also on smart heating and lighting, efficient buildings, e-mobility, distributed generation, smart metering and customer involvement.