Enel's commitment to CSR and sustainable economy


Enel's new organisational dispositions consolidate and strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility practices while promoting global guidelines for project evaluation, defining environmental policies, monitoring performance and managing relations with international organisations within the sector. Its aim is to promote the integration of sustainability into strategic business processes through a CSR plan and to define objectives, criteria and process management for sustainability.

Enel's long-term commitment has once again received recognition through its admission to two new indexes, being named in the prestigious Italy Climate Disclosure Leadership (CDP) Index 2014 – with a rating of 98 out of 100 – and included for the first time in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index.
The former assessed Enel as being among the best for the quality, comprehensiveness, and transparency of its climate change data, which were made available to investors and to the global market through CDP, the international non-governmental organisation that promotes the sustainable economy. The second index, created by the financial services supplier STOXX Limited, which is owned by the German Stock and the Swiss Exchanges, names the world's leading companies in environmental, social and governance practices.

In November Enel played a key role in the fifth edition of the United Nations Global Compact LEAD Symposium in New York, with Marina Migliorato, Enel Group Sustainability, speaking about the company's experience in the Global Compact's new Board Programme. The LEAD Board Programme supports the Board of Directors in its oversight of sustainability issues, with CSR put at the heart of business strategies. Enel was among the first companies to join the pilot phase of the programme and was chosen by the UN to present the initiative at the last Global Compact Leaders Summit.

'In order to continue to be a leader in the global energy market, we need be able to integrate sustainability into our business model in a more effective way,' said Migliorato. 'The strong commitment of the Board is crucial in this regard.'