Emgesa and Codensa rewarded for biodiversity commitment in Colombia


For the second straight year Enel's Colombian subsidiaries Codensa and Emgesa have been recognised by the BIBO Awards, an environmental protection initiative led by El Espectador, one of Colombia's most important newspapers, and the World Wildlife Fund Colombia.

The Enel Group companies, which respectively operate in the distribution and production of electricity, were handed the Reconocimiento BIBO de Honor for their development and promotion of the protection of the environment and for being supporters of BIBO, un compromiso para vivir mejor (BIBO, a commitment to live better), one of the most important environmental and biodiversity campaigns in Colombia.

BIBO was launched in 2011 through El Espectador's messaging platform to give visibility to and engage the public on environmental and forest preservation issues. Its main objective is to emphasise the crucial role of the ecosystem in the regulation of climate and water, as well as economic resources for timber and tourism. The campaign is supported by the government and financed by private businesses, including Codensa and Emgesa, which have been offering their support since 2013.


The two Enel subsidiaries participated in the BIBO Awards for the first time in 2012 with the project Bosque Renace, winning the award for best environmental practices in a reforestation initiative and for being the first power companies in Colombia to take direct part in the repopulation of a forest with native plants.

Bosque Renace has enabled the creation of a 690-hectare nature reserve of high Andean forest in the Cerro Manjui in the municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama. Four kilometres of ecological trails have been created in this area, while more than 23,000 trees of native species have been planted. Over 200 species of flora and fauna have been classified within the ecosystem, including some that are at risk of extinction.