A new Enel for a changing world


"Enel is changing because the world around Enel is changing," said Enel CEO Francesco Starace in a recent interview, summarising the Group's response to the continuous changes taking place in the energy sector, in technology and in industry, as well as in society and to the practices that up to now have been a part of everyday life.

From traditional to distributed generation, the energy sector is evolving towards a new model in which technology, innovation and efficiency are the key to ensuring sustainability and competition. Mature markets have different needs from emerging ones, but businesses like Enel, which have experience and expertise across generation technologies and operate around the world, know how satisfy different levels of consumption demand and offer efficient solutions that enable a balanced and sustainable energy mix.

Network digitalisation is both a crucial part of Enel's identity and a key area of change in energy distribution systems. The Group has first mover advantage thanks technological skills and field experience developed over the course of a decade that has resulted in a series of smart grids accomplishments: from electronic meters and interoperable e-mobility systems, to automation of the distribution network, integration of renewable energy and domestic active demand solutions.

The development of renewable energy is a priority for the entire energy sector and the Group, thanks to Enel Green Power, can count on a portfolio that includes all green energy technologies, global coverage that combines mature and developing markets and a generation capacity of more than 93,000 gigawatt-hours in 1,165 plants.

The Group serves more than 60 million customers in Europe and Latin America, and it is no longer a mere gas and electricity provider, but as a reference point for people, businesses and public administrations, that offers an integrated service of energy efficiency, saving and responsible energy use solutions.