Enel helping homes go full-electric


The changes taking place in the new energy market regard not only plants and distribution networks but also customers, who besides good electricity and gas deals also require solutions for consumption and cost reduction while increasing the energy efficiency of plants and home appliances. The Enel Group has been responding to these needs for some time now, tailoring them to the countries it operates in and offering a range of added-value services that make homes more sustainable and efficient, sometimes even fully electric.

In Italy Enel Energia offers its customers products and services for their homes that combine electricity and energy efficiency, ranging from LED lights to domestic systems that are supplied within a turnkey package and offer bills that can be paid in instalments, enabling savings on interest, reducing consumption and improving quality of life.

Acting as a consultant, Enel's free market business selects the most efficient products and technologies and supplies them to consumers through simple, clear and user-friendly deals, which include plenty more than just the simple product. For example, the installation of a new efficient boiler includes checking the conditions of the existing boiler and dismantling it, taking care of procedures for tax deductions, payment by instalments for bills and financing plans, a two-year check-up and free spare parts until the fifth year.

In Chile homes are becoming full-electric thanks to the integrated services supplied by Chilectra, the Group's company present on country's the private and public market, which through its Eco energia full electric project offers the chance to remove fuels and gas from domestic energy consumption. The range of supplied products includes full-electric home appliances, heating and cooling systems, heating pumps, boilers, kitchen ovens and stoves.

With Chilectra homes can be fully electric from the beginning, because the company also offers an integrated consulting service for customers who are planning on adopting energy efficiency measures when building a house. Chilectra's specialist professionals and technicians follow each step of construction, from managing bureaucratic procedures to designing the electrical system, as well as installing self-generation systems powered by renewable sources. Thanks to these added-value services, today around 50 percent of the new homes built in capital city Santiago are fully electric and are built based on the highest energy efficiency standards.