Coelce stands out for its service quality in Brazil


The beginning of 2015 has brought with it a new award for Coelce. Brazil's National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) has confirmed the Brazillian Enel Group company in its rankings for the quality of service offered in Brazil. Aneel's evaluated 63 electricity distribution companies in the South American country, of which 36 with annual energy sales of more than one billion kWh.

The ranking is based on the Overall Continuity Indicator, formed by comparing the average number and duration of power outages recorded on average by each customer in 2014. The companies that hold the top positions in the ranking, such as Coelce, have guaranteed a lower frequency of annual power cuts with an average lower duration.

In 2014, for the second consecutive year, Brazil as a whole recorded less power cuts: from an average 10.49 per customer in 2013 to 9.94 in 2014. The duration of the power interruptions has also decreased, falling to an average of about 17 hours per customer per year (a difference in 39 minutes compared to 2013).

According to Aneel, the ranking is an instrument that encourages distribution companies, especially those that are positioned below the regulatory threshold, to aim toward a continuous improvement of their service quality.

The reliability of Coelce's distribution works in parallel with its commitment to spreading an energy efficiency culture: over the last years, about 50,000 families have been involved in projects on the safe, conscious and sustainable use of electricity. Among these, Troca eficiente enabled its customers to save up to 70 percent on electricity consumption, by replacing old refrigerators with newer appliances, while Ecoelce rewards waste collection with discounts on energy bills.