Enel Green Power: the A to Z of sustainability


Protection of the environment, respect for human rights, corporate governance, business conduct, human resource management and involvement of local communities are all areas in which Enel Green Power excels and which have earned it two international rewards for its commitment to sustainability. The Enel Group's green energy business confirmed its place in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register and has been included in the Ethibel Pioneer Register, indices that are drawn up by the independent consulting firm Forum Ethibel.

The Ethibel Pioneer Investment Register includes companies that have distinguished themselves as sector leaders in CSR, while the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register includes companies with above-average performance levels.

Enel Green Power's green development strategy is implemented across every stage of its activities, beginning with its sustainable worksites. Protection of the environment, rationalisation of resources and care for the health and safety of its workers are key to the construction and refurbishment of its facilities. Every aspect of the worksite focuses on sustainability, from the selection of materials to the plant's operational phase, with a constant monitoring of activities that aims for effective staff management and the mapping of environmental performance.

Pilot projects were launched last year in Italy for the refurbishment and maintenance of the San Pellegrino and Mura hydropower plants, but the model has already been extended beyond national borders, with the construction of EGP's wind farm in Dominica, Mexico. Among the solutions implemented are two solar panels for the generation of electricity to the work areas, a waste management and recycling system and collection points made with isolating materials in order to prevent soil contamination.

Sustainable worksites are an example of the Creating Shared Value model, through which Enel Green Power aims to ensure the full integration of sustainability into the different stages of its value chain (development, planning, construction and plant operation).