Enel offers turnkey Smart Cities solutions


Enel's expertise in developing technologies for smart cities, and the sector's benefits and opportunities were the main topics discussed at the Italy's Drive Towards Smart Cities: Trends and Opportunities webinar. The meeting was sponsored by the UK Trade & Investment office and took place at the British Consulate, as part of initiatives connected to the Expo 2015.

As an Official Global Partner of Milan Expo 2015 and in particular the Smart Energy & Lighting Solutions event, Enel is installing a full range of technologies that will create an actual Smart City in the exhibition area. A turnkey system that includes projects and innovations such as smart grids, smart metering, e-mobility, storage systems, smart lighting and resilience (the network's ability to respond to emergencies). These technologies are the result of Enel's work around the world.

At the webinar, Laura Montanari from New Business Solutions Development and Sales at Enel's Global Infrastructure and Networks Business Line explained how the integration of different technologies into the smart city structure brings about economic, energy efficiency and sustainability benefits for both urban areas and consumers.

The Enel innovations at Expo 2015 include:

  • Smart Meters and Smart Grids, which enable real time monitoring of the electricity grid, fault detection, improved service quality, the integration of renewable power plants and consumption optimisation;
  • Storage systems for renewable integration and grid optimisation services;
  • Complete public lighting solutions, with remote-controlled LED lights that enable added-value services and can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent compared with traditional sodium technology;
  • Electric vehicle recharging infrastructure, which reduces consumption compared to internal combustion engines.


Other innovations include the Smart Info device that allows consumers to view their consumption on a display in real time and the Energy Management System, which enables consumers to monitor and optimise energy consumption, reducing wastage and allowing them to play an active role in the efficient management of energy.

Over the years the Enel Group has gained significant experience in the development and implementation of smart city projects. Up to now, seven projects have been launched in seven cities in Europe and South America, which in total have required €88 million of investment and have involved more than 100,000 customers. Additionally, more than 190,000 thousand LED lights and over 2,400 charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed globally for projects not directly connected with smart cities.