eOrder's latest technology for customers


Enel has launched eOrder in Colombia to promote Work Force Management (WFM), a highly technological system that optimises operational performance throughout Latin America.

The project is based on a common IT platform shared by five Enel subsidiaries: Edelnor in Peru, Codensa in Colombia, Chilectra in Chile, Coelce and Ampla in Brasil.

Two versions of the system will be developed to support locally operating personnel: one related to technical distribution activities – plant construction and maintenance, fault repairs - the other for customer relations, including requests for new supplies, goods and service sale and payment management.

The eOrder system features an operations planning software (a scheduler) which automatically assigns and optimises activities. A mobility component sends them to the operational teams, providing technological support through geographical and electrical maps, street navigators, augmented reality. Once the operation has been completed, the outcome and relative data are sent to the scheduler.

Enel has been active in this field since 2007, when it launched the first generation Work Force Management system. At the time, the goal was to provide logistical support to staff, thereby speeding up operations and reducing back-office activities.

In 2013, the company launched a second generation WFM project (WFM2G). Enel Distribuzione's 2014-2016 Development Plan provides for laptops supplied to local operating teams to be replaced by Android smartphones, while about 5,500 vehicles will be equipped with a new WFM2G kit (the same used by eOrder).

The new system, which works also when data connection is unavailable through the GSM network, features Apps for vehicle navigation, the organisation of daily activities and maintenance management. Thus, operational teams can constantly receive all the necessary information, reducing costs and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their tasks.