Enel customers, energy efficiency is online

Easy said easy done, thanks to Digital. Internet and the development of mobile technology increasingly give support to whoever is looking for solutions allowing to save on electricity consumption and raise energy efficiency. The Enel Group has been offering its customers - for many years and with growing effectiveness - cutting-edge solutions aimed to facilitate supply management and raise awareness on the benefits of smart energy use.

In Spain Endesa launched infoEnergía, an actual online dashboard in which, instead of an odometer, a speedometer and warning lights alert for oil, customers of the Group's company in the Iberian Peninsula can find indicators on bills, overall and point-of-use consumption trends, graphs for trend comparisons in different months. Endesa's InfoEnergia provides a broad and detailed view of consumption data, allowing customers to characterise analyses based on their needs, to receive personalised tips on how to improve home energy efficiency and calculate the economic benefits that can result from responsible, careful use of their energy supplies.

The web is Enel customer-friendly also in Chile, where Chilectra's consumers can monitor and understand their behaviour regarding the use of energy through Chilectra's Conoce tu boleta, a simple and immediate online guide aimed to raise awareness about all the items of the bill, including consumption and billing details. Similarly to what is done in Chile, also Ampla and Coelce in Brazil, Edesur in Argentina and Codensa in Colombia provide applications that customers can download to improve their responsible management of consumption and supplies. This way a digital channel – which is often enhanced by a social presence on Facebook and Twitter – supports the direct service provided by stores and sales points across the country.

Enel Energia's online solutions for customers on the Italian free market are ever-increasing and after the first internet services for meter self-reading and communicating personal data, that have already been launched several years ago, mobile instruments allowing customers to manage their electricity and gas supplies through smartphones and tablets are also growing.