Enel for the retail market: a world of customers


Enel's customers speak several languages, live in huge cities or rural areas, are large industries or town halls. And they amount to 61 million. Overall, the retail markets on which the Group's companies operate reaches across both shores of the Ocean and range from customers of Enel Romania to thoseof Edesur in Argentina, for a total of nine countries with specific needs and consumption behaviours, which have many points in common but also several differences.

Energy efficiency and consumption savings are characteristic of customers in Colombia, as well as those in Portugal and Peru. This is why the various companies belonging to the Group have long since been committed to providing tailored added value services that go beyond the in Italy and Spain include not only the mere electricity supply, but also the gas supply, and meet the needs of customers beyond the simple commodity availability.

Enel's range of offers for customers of the various retail markets on which the Group's companies operate include small renewables for domestic use in Italy, Spain, Brazil and Chile, or efficient electric home appliances offered to customers by Codensa in Colombia, Chilectra in Chile and Edelnor in Peru. And various solutions that are offered on several markets include LED lights, energy efficiency products, financial and home assistance services and even electric bicycles.

Italy's and Spain's free markets, which have the greatest amount of customers within the Group, are the contexts where Enel is set to achieve the greatest growth in the future. In fact, the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan aims at increasing customers by 4.5 million over five years, that is, from around 22 million in 2014 to 26 million in 2019, a target to be achieved also thanks to the development of EU energy efficiency regulations.