Global professional training with Enel


Teaching or helping young people discover their profession is a concern that the Enel Group shows at all world latitudes in every local scenario where it operates. To this end, all the Group's companies promote training initiatives that are mainly focused on young people, but not only them.

In Brazil Ampla regularly offers free courses aimed to learn technical professions within the Consciência Ampla social initiative. In March, 70 bricklayers from Niterói and Petrópolis, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, attended three-monthly evening courses allowing them to become plumbers. Also aiming at involving the local population, especially young people, Ampla organises periodic first work start workshops in the areas where it provides services, addressed in particular to recent high school graduates.

In South Africa Enel Green Power, while it was putting into service in Upington its first solar plant in this country, launched training courses for residential solar PV panel installers and sellers at local technical schools. These courses are a first exploration into the local retail market, but more importantly are an example of Enel's vocation to integrate into the local context, becoming involved with the latter at various levels and responding to specific needs, such as the lack of specialised workforce as regards South Africa.  

In Italy Enel promotes professional training both at a local and national level. The most important recent initiatives include the experimentation of a training programme that alternates school and work for students who attend the last two years of technological institutes, which the Group created together with the Ministries of Education and of Labour, Regions and trade unions. The initiative, which was launched in September 2014, currently involves 145 students in seven Italian regions, who have been hired by Enel with a high-training apprenticeship contract that is enforced at the beginning of their second to last year. The following year, when they obtain their technical diploma, participants who have achieved the most outstanding results as trainees will attend another year of apprenticeship to improve their professionalism.