Malaga gets serious on E-Cars


Over 3.4 million travelled kilometres, more than 81,000 recharges and almost 245 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions. These are the increasingly growing numbers of the ZEM2ALL e-mobility programme that is being implemented in Malaga. The initiative, which brings together technological partners from Spain and Japan with Endesa playing a central role, can be followed in real time on a specific website that reports the amount of cars travelling on the roads, the electricity recharges made, the location of charging stations free or in use and much more.

Zero Emission Mobility to All, whose acronym is ZEM2ALL, is not a mere project but rather a sort of cultural movement that promotes e-mobility through 200 volunteer drivers who regularly use electric cars in everyday life in the cities. In fact, Malaga was not chosen by chance: the smart city model developed by Endesa and Enel offers one of the widest fast recharge networks in Europe, with 23 public and hundreds of private stations allowing to collect information and testimony on the vast electric vehicle roll-out that is taking place.

On the streets of Malaga 160 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and 40 Nissan Leafs have already been driving for many years. By being embedded in a smart city, ZEM2ALL has acquired the technological solutions that have been implemented in the Andalusian city with continuous innovations resulting from best practices of the whole Enel Group, such as the 2VG charging system. From Malaga electric cars have been spreading all over Spain, where domestic projects like Movele and Victoria are being put into practice alongside European ones such as GridforVehicles, Elvire, Green eMotion and Unplugged.