Sinfonia do Amanhã: music can change life


An orchestra formed by more than 100 youths who have discovered music thanks to Enel, becoming part of an ensemble that can play anything from Johann Strauss to Neapolitan popular songs, from Michael Jackson's pop to traditional Brazilian music. It's the Sinfonia do Amanhã (Symphony of Tomorrow) orchestra, which was born less than two years ago in Brazil and has reunited young people under the age of 18 who live in towns of the Brazilian State of Goiás.

The Sinfonia do Amanhã project is promoted by Endesa Cachoeira, an Enel Group subsidiary that operates in the Latin American country, and involves the youngest inhabitants of the area around the Cachoeira Dourada hydropower plant, located at the border between the States of Goiás and Minas Gerais, where the Rio Paranaiba performs its golden waterfalls that give the name to the 658MW plant.

The more than a hundred youths of the orchestra have been selected to take part in a school that teaches them various musical instruments and choir singing for free. Less than two years after its establishment, the students have already played in important Brazilian theatres and five of them have become professional musicians, becoming part of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the State of Goiás. The orchestra is conducted by Maestro Eliseu Ferreira, conductor and professor with a 25-year experience, for whom "the Sinfonia do Amanhã is the symbol of how music can change people's life".

Music teaching at school is combined with the students' socio-educational counselling. "With this project, one of the more than fifty that we are carrying out in Brazil, we aim to offer through music a chance to young people aged 8 to 18", explains Enel Brasil's Head of Stakeholders Engagement and Sustainability Projects Anna Paola Caporal. "In two years they have amazingly improved not only artistically, but especially in their family and school behaviour. This is our greatest satisfaction". In fact, a research conducted on parents and teachers showed that 100 percent of the students who participated in the Sinfonia do Amanhã improved their school performance, 94 percent their school conduct and 91 percent their social and family behaviour.

The focus on youths and local communities that characterises the Sinfonia do Amanhã project shows the Enel Group's commitment to uphold initiatives addressed to young people in the countries in which it operates and to promote activities supporting adolescents in the areas in which it is present, so that they will become agents of change for their own lives, those of their families and of their communities.