Sustainable today, competitive tomorrow


Global presence and technological diversification, innovation oriented toward the needs of customers and local communities, a long-term vision that guides strategic and operational decisions. Enel's 2014 Sustainability Report, the document that assesses corporate responsibility from an economic, social and environmental perspective, describes the Group's commitment toward the full integration of sustainability principles into all activities.

Over the last decade, Enel has consolidated its position as a global leader in CSR, recognised by both the market and investors. The integration of sustainability into business strategies is the logic that has driven change in the Enel Group. In fact, a new Holding function, which is headed by Ernesto Ciorra and reports directly to CEO Francesco Starace, has been added to the matrix organization. The unit centrally manages and coordinates innovation and sustainability activities, while overseeing specific activities in each macro region, thus confirming the importance of the contribution of the two sectors, which are closely related, to the company's competitiveness and the creation of a new business model.

According to the recently published 2014 Sustainability Report, “Sustainability today means being competitive tomorrow. It means creating long-lasting values, responding – by offering products and services, as well as relationships with customers and territories – to the needs of the communities in which the company operates.”

Among the priorities of the next few months, are the gradual introduction of principles and processes that aim towards the creation of shared value in various operational phases (from business development to the actual construction of the plants, up to the operational and management stage) and the consolidation of leadership in the systems of governance. In regard to the latter, Enel's Board of Directors has launched a training and “sharing” project as part of the United Nations' Global Compact Board Programme (LEAD programme). Enel has also joined the Global Compact Board and the Advisory Board within the United Nations' Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

Enel's position at the top of international sustainability indexes is further proof of the company's commitment toward sustainability as a driver of innovation, growth and reduction of operational and strategic risks.