Enel in Romania: the energy behind your every second


The partnership between Enel and Romania has achieved a milestone with the company’s ten years of presence in the country. Enel has been active in the Romanian market since 2005, providing power generation from renewable sources (534 MW of installed capacity) as well as distribution and sale. Enel Romania, the largest private investor in the country, has over 3,100 employees and provides services to 2.7 million customers in three key areas: Sud-Muntenia (which includes the Bucharest area), Banat and Dobrogea, representing a third of the power distribution sector in the country.

To celebrate its anniversary the company launched the communication campaign Enel. The energy behind your every second, describing the energy that fills the important moments of everyday life. The campaign features a one and a half-minute video commercial that will be aired on national television and distributed online through social media.

 ‘The important moments in the life of a human being take place in a matter of seconds and contain an enormous amount of energy. We tried to describe them in a film comprising three stories, where light plays a key role. A modern cinematic language to express the joy of living in a creative way and with sensitivity,’ stated Radu Coşarcă, Enel Romania’s Head of Communications, as he explained the idea behind the campaign.
Enel is developing a major investment programme in Romania to further increase power supply standards, ensuring the highest quality and protection of the environment.

Enel Distributie Muntenia has launched an extensive programme for the modernization of the electrical grid in Ilfov county. A total of 90 km of low voltage cables are in the process of being replaced: once work is completed, approximately 28,500 customers in the area will benefit from a stabler, safer power supply.

Enel Banat Distribuţie has completed the expansion of the high and medium voltage substation of Câlnic, located in the Caras-Severin district of Resita. The plant, which provides electricity to about 94,000 customers, is now operated via a remote control system that quickly identifies and resolves technical problems without having to send in field technicians. Enel has also completed the modernization of the electrical grid in the historical centre of Timisoara, in the St. George Square area.

Furthermore, Enel has begun to install over 30,000 advanced electronic metres. The pilot project will be followed by the distribution of 2.7 million metres around the country, one for each Enel Romania client.