In Romania meters are showcased


Once upon a time there was an electricity meter with a single central button, and it marked the life of our homes. These were the 60s and at the time no one could imagine the role this device would play in the networks of the future and in the way we live our daily lives.

Around this concept, Enel Romania set up in Bucharest a Meter Museum, an exhibition true and proper on the history and evolution of meters and the evolution that this device has undergone to date. At the Galateca gallery - near the National Art Museum, specialised in cutting-edge design and venue for art exhibitions - visitors can experience the cultural atmosphere of the different decades, through objects, pictures and newspapers of those times, that have been used as the setting for the exhibited meters.

The inauguration was attended by Enel Romania country manager Toni Volpe and the general manager of Enel Distributie Giuseppe Fanizzi, as well as managers and other colleagues involved in the project. The event was moderated by the head of Enel Romania Communications Radu Cosarca, and presented by the Head of the Smart MeterProject Emil Constantinescu and Chief Engineer IIfov Network Petre Stoian.

Within the exhibition, Enel Romania presented the Smart Meter project, the new electronic, remotely operated metering system with significant benefits for customers. This very month Enel, a world leader and pioneer in smart metering, launched a pilot project for the installation of over 30,000 smart meters in Romania, with 2.7 million to be installed for all Romanian customers.

"The history of the electronic meter is a fascinating world. The transformations it has undergone over the last 50 years reflect the world’s evolution - said Fanizzi . We are excited to be part of the era in which the old meters give way to Smart meters! Soon we will all be able experience the benefits they bring to our daily lives".

For the first time, thanks to smart metering technology, Enel Romania customers will have access to detailed and updated information on their energy consumption, both on the meter display and on their computer. Thanks to this real-time monitoring they will be able to properly plan their energy consumption.