Open Power, Enel’s future


A platform for growth that can combine a global company’s reach and objectives with the new opportunities of an open and interconnected world. In order to maintain its leadership in a radically changing world, Enel is adopting the new Open Power approach, a strategic guideline based on openness that will involve all the Group’s industrial processes and commercial initiatives, guiding investments and relations with stakeholders. This strategic concept is based on five pillars.

Enel opens its infrastructure for various uses. Within an energy system that is becoming increasingly distributed and shared, with a growing number of consumers playing the role of prosumers (a perfect synthesis between producers and consumers), in Europe and Latin America, the Group is investing in the creation of an electric network that can support the development of innovative services. For example, in Italy Enel will install next-generation smart meters and is working together with the telecommunications industry on the development of the broadband across the country. At the same time, it continues to run its Futur-E programme, which involves the sustainable decommissioning of 23 traditional generation plants for other uses, directly involving the local communities in the entire process.

The second pillar is the creation of new value for Enel customers. With the spread of digitisation, the company is redefining its role to help customers make the best use of energy. This means not only helping citizens to manage their consumption smartly, but also helping to revolutionise the lives of entire communities in a meaningful way by developing e-car recharge systems and infrastructure to smarten up cities.

However, more than a billion people in the world still lack access to electricity. To tackle this problem, Enel is bringing reliable and sustainable energy to a greater number of people, in particular in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Through its Enabling Electricity programme Enel participates in the “United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All” initiative, which aims to bring electricity to the poorest populations across the world. At the global level, the energy multinational is combining renewable energy generation and new grid technologies with cutting-edge storage solutions, capable of providing access to ‘green’ electricity 24 hours a day.

Additionally, Enel is investing in opening new knowledge to Enel people and cultivating talents, creating synergies and encouraging integration. A good example of this are the partnerships established with European and South American clean-tech startups, which have led to successful projects such as NO.V.A., in Brazil, in which Enel has involved talents from 100 countries in designing and building the home of the future. Within this project, the company is launching a global professional development project, which involves the standardisation of performance indicators, exchanging expertise between different departments and optimising production. At the global level, Enel opens its expertise and resources for organisations working in local communities and has launched training programmes for young people and adults.

Finally, a strong commitment to doing business with an open and transparent approach. This is why Enel is maintaining a constant dialogue with its stakeholders, creating a mutually beneficial environment that will guarantee and protect investments. Enel has announced its intention to become a carbon-free company by 2050, and is working jointly with the UN Global Compact, Clinton Global Initiatives and other projects aimed at achieving this goal at the global level. Additionally, due to its leading role in the transition towards an energy system exclusively based on renewable energy, the American magazine “Fortune” has listed Enel 5th in the ranking of the 50 companies that can change the world.