Coelce – Energy Based on Solidarity in Brazil


The United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21), which recently came to a close in Paris, has spread a clear message worldwide: the Earth's future also depends on how people produce and use energy, a key factor to protect the planet.

In other words, zero-emissions energy to prevent global warming, but also energy as an engine of development for populations, to help the most disadvantaged communities. This is the philosophy that Enel and the Group's subsidiaries have been embracing for years in the different countries in which it operates.
The year 2015 focused on the pursuit of solidarity for the Brazilian Enel distribution company Coelce, which had already won first place in the Social Responsibility category of the Abradee Awards in 2014. The month of December was particularly rich in initiatives in this sector.

On December 5th, International Volunteer Day was celebrated all around the world, with several social activities launched by citizens and businesses. Coelce participated with its volunteer programme “Rede do Bem” (launched in 2012), in collaboration with various social projects that are active in the fields in which it operates.

A perfect example of the strong link between corporate social responsibility and an efficient use of energy is Troca Eficiente, a programme launched by Coelce, consisting in the replacement of old appliances (especially refrigerators) with more efficient models for low-income families. In order to register for the programme, users must have paid their last electricity bill, be part of the Energy Social tariff programme and own an old refrigerator. Last month the company delivered 90 new low-energy consumption appliances in the city of Ibaretama.

In the state of Ceará, Coelce installed solar panels on the roofs of three school buildings, enabling emission-free energy production. The electricity generated by the panels will be able to cover, depending on the weather, 30 to 90 percent of the schools’ energy needs. The initiative is part of the “Luces para Aprender” programme, a collaboration between Enel Brazil and the Organisation of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (IEC).

During the holiday season, Coelce inaugurated the largest Christmas tree in the state of Ceará – also the largest fir tree in Brazil – to promote local crafts. The 60-meter tree was illuminated with 5,100 LED lamp, which were provided by Coelce, ensuring as much as 80 percent in energy savings. The installation of the lights was carried out by “Energia Social”, a project that promotes the development of cultural events.

In keeping with the Enel Group philosophy, Coelce highly values training programmes among young people. More than 4,900 Coelce Digital students from the cities of Fortaleza and Caucaia celebrated their bachelor's degree in the company’s Headquarters. The university programmes were carried out by the Committee for the Democratization of Information Technology (CDI), a social organisation that focuses on technology as a tool for social transformation.

Finally, last month Coelce also contributed to the formation of 43 electricians in the State of Ceara. The new professionals attended a 450-hour programme and received training certificates in the Coelce headquarters. By 2017, the company intends to train 700 new electricians for the labour market.