Certified environmental sustainability, from Madrid to Bucharest


The adoption of Environmental Management Systems (EMS), recognised at an international level and applied to the smallest detail in every single industrial plant and across all of the countries in which it operates, is increasingly strategic for the Enel Group.

This issue is particularly important with respect to our activities within the European Union. Since 2012, we have obtained yearly ISO 14001 certifications for all business lines of the entire Group – which was recently confirmed by international certification organisations – and in Europe, for the administrative and logistics offices in Spain, Romania and Italy, where our headquarters are located.

“In accordance with the objectives of the Group’s Environmental Policy – declared Luca Meini from Enel’s Environmental Policy department – we are working to rationalise and simplify the certifications in the various organisational areas, search for possible synergies and share environmental management experiences linked to the ISO 14001 certification.”

Our commitment to protecting the environment has once again earned us the certification in our 18 offices in Spain, from Madrid to Malaga, and from Barcelona to Tarragona, as well as the three logistics stations in the port terminals of Los Barrios and Carboneras in Andalusia, and Puerto de Ferrol in Galicia.

“In Endesa we have always pioneered the implementation of Environmental Management Systems – said David Corregidor from Environment Iberia – Buildings have gone one step beyond in their environmental engagement and they have a triple certification (SIGAEC), which includes not only environmental management, but also energy management and interior environmental quality.”

The same happened in Romania, where the environmental certification was confirmed for Enel Servicii Comune and for the Country's Market department for Enel Energia and Enel Energia Muntenia.

“Romania is getting stronger attention to environmental issues and the ISO 14001 certification confirmation is an important result a important result for our teamwork", said the Country's Head of Environmental Safety Stefano Di Pietro.

“The widespread sensitivity towards environmental protection, together with the adoption of European directives in this field within the Romanian regulatory framework, are a lever for us to continue along this road”.

Just a few years after the Group obtained the certification in 2012, our approach to environmental protection issues experienced a real “Copernican revolution”. While in the past it may have been the result of industrial choices, which may not have necessarily been dictated by clean energy requirements, today protecting ecosystems and paying attention to the environmental concerns of our stakeholders plays an important role in all of our decision-making processes.

Currently, our policy on these issues has resulted in an improvement programme for individual territories, facilities, distribution areas, buildings, ports, mines and energy sales in individual countries.

The creation of value must integrate environmental protection into every aspect of our business. Such a path, as stated by Giulio Peruzzi, Management Representative for the Group's environmental management, “requires the involvement of all stakeholders, starting from local communities. They are the ones we ask suggestions from, through our emsinternet@enel.com mailbox, in order to produce and distribute energy in an increasingly environmentally sustainable manner.”