Enel and Upstream Gas, respecting the environment


Environmental protection is a primary objective in all of Enel’s business activities. Our commitment has been recognised with ISO 14001 environmental certification for all of our business lines, including Upstream Gas.

In our group, the exploration and production of hydrocarbons from oil fields focuses on developing our portfolio’s existing projects, particularly in Algeria (the South East Illizi and Isarene projects at an advanced stage of development; Msari Akabli and Tinrhert North in an exploratory phase) and in Italy. Upstream Gas has operated in these areas in an integrated manner, through a widespread and efficient organization that aims to ensure the highest standards of environmental protection in these regions.

The gradual implementation of internationally recognised Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and Best Practices in the Oil & Gas sector has allowed us to create an integrated Environmental and Safety management system, dedicated to the exploration and use of hydrocarbon reserves. The system has already obtained ISO 14001 certification, as have all of the Group’s business lines, and is in the process of receiving certification for compliance with the OHSAS 18001 safety standard.

‘Having a single Environmental Management System that is integrated with safety and designed according to the highest international standards, guarantees operational consistency in our Upstream activities, in Italy and Algeria,’ explained Claudio Tata, Enel Health, Safety, Security And Environment E Manager USG.

‘A standard approach to environmental protection has proven essential,’ he stressed, ‘because it has allowed us to transfer our system to different Countries, taking into account all of legal aspects, as well as the local context. We have therefore created a solid set of policies, rules and HSE management procedures that are applied globally and are complemented by procedures and operating instructions that are customised for the needs of every community in which we operate, by applying the best practices and the most stringent standards in the Oil & Gas industry.’

Our path to certification has always aimed to create a single integrated HSSE system (Health, Safety, Security and Environment).

Our target has allowed us to formalise a set of shared management documents, in order to obtain not only ISO 14001 certification, but also OHSAS 18001 for our processes’ increasingly improved performance.

Protecting the environment in all areas of our business is one of the aspects of our sustainability strategy and our creation of shared value on which our Group has decided to focus its growth strategy. We implement this strategy by involving all stakeholders, starting from local communities. We ask them to share their ideas and to notify us about critical issues by sending an email to emsinternet@enel.com, an account that is directly managed by the Group's Environmental Management Representative, Giulio Peruzzi