Enel ranks first in the corporate governance excellence index


In today's market, financial data have an increasingly limited role in guiding investors' choices. In fact, recent studies show that over 80% of companies’ market value is made up of ESG  factors (Environment, Social and Governance), which can provide a complete and long-term vision for businesses.

Enel has always prioritised good governance practices within the company's strategy. Not surprisingly, the Group has won first place in the EG Index 2016. The index, developed by the Observatory on corporate governance excellence in Italy, an initiative of the European House Ambrosetti think tank, and now in its twelfth edition, annually reports the evolution in governance of groups listed on the stock exchange.

Our company ranks first place among the industrial companies in the FTSE-MIB segment, the so-called blue chips, a term used on the stock exchange to indicate the largest capitalised companies. Furthermore, this year it received a score of 8.62/10, which clearly ranks it above all other industrial and financial companies in the various segments of the price list.

Based on official documents made public by the companies, EG distributes the Key Performance Indicators needed to assess five key areas: shareholder structure and representation, board composition, board operations, remuneration and incentive mechanisms, control and risk management systems. For the first time, this year the index has analysed not only the governance of the largest capitalised companies (FTSE-MIB), but also of those included in the MID-CAP and STAR segments.

This edition of the index is different from previous ones, in which the top ranking companies were still close competitors, a testament to our company’s dedication to innovation in corporate and industrial processes and its ability to adapt to market challenges and to changes in international regulations in this field.