Creativity in the future of business


Redesigning the future of business and the economy beginning with concepts of sustainability, innovation and creativity, the Prada Group promote an open reflection on the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Milan conference ‘Shaping a Creative Future’ from 20-21 March.

The event, organized in collaboration with the Yale School of Management and the Milan Politecnico School of Management, was spread across two days of study and discussion based on four themes: Brand Heritage And Market Value; Design For Sustainability Through Innovation And Tradition; Sustainability And Value Creation; Driving Creative Excellence. Exploring the possible and multiple connections between sustainability, innovation, creativity and business were the students and professors of the two universities, experts in cultural studies and managers of large Italian and international companies, including Enel.

“It is significant that a global fashion company such as the Prada Group is promoting a debate on how innovation and sustainability can contribute to redesigning the future of companies in this field and beyond,” underlined Maria Cristina Papetti, Head of Sustainability Projects and Practice Sharing at Enel, interviewed at the event she was attending to share the experience of our Group.

For Papetti the Prada conference confirms once again how sustainability is becoming increasingly central for companies and society as a driver of new business models. This concept was highlighted also by Carlo Mazzi, CEO of Prada, who chose to focus on the links between sustainability, creativity and innovation, “when creativity is focussed on what is beautiful and good, then it will become sustainability.” Carlo Capasa, President of the Italian Chamber of Fashion, echoed Mazzi’s sentiments, “We need a new renaissance in which there is a balance between technological development and nature.” In order to achieve this, he added, “It is necessary to adopt tangible and measurable parameters, putting human beings at the centre.”

“Nowadays there is a collective awareness of themes of sustainability. We ask ourselves what it means to be sustainable; it is not just a question of ethics or respect for the environment but it means placing human beings at the core, fully aware of the impact that our lifestyles can have on the future of the planet. For example, today the theme of climate change is a reality that every company should take into account if they wish to remain on the market in the long term. Investors too are paying increasing attention when it comes to companies that prioritize these issues within their industrial plans. This does not mean greenwashing, but working within the value chain, including the supply chain, in order to reduce impacts as much as possible and generate value for the company and all of its stakeholders,” underlined Papetti.

Our Group is beginning to earn significant credibility and recognition of its leading role as an innovative and sustainable company. Papetti explains, “we have put innovation and sustainability at the heart of our strategy and industrial model: this enables us to see our products and services in a new way with an openness to absorbing innovative ideas that originate outside our company’s perimeter and the incorporation in our growth plan of a direct commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the UN in the 2030 Agenda. We can share a great deal of our experience gained opening the way for other companies, both large and small, promoting a network that is positive for the entire ‘Italy system'.”