Enel rings the bell of rights in Colombia


Rewarding merit, recognising the uniqueness of every individual, inclusion and equal opportunities are the principles on which Enel bases its work. In keeping with them, Codensa and Emgesa, the Enel Group companies in Colombia, are following this path and have joined the initiative promoted by UN Women "¡Toca la campana por la igualdad de género!" (the bell tolls for gender equality) which was held at the Colombia Stock Exchange.
This year, for the first time, Colombia has participated in the initiative that links the opening bell of the stock exchange in the country to raising the awareness on the importance of equal opportunities and gender equality. It is a symbolic gesture to draw everyone’s attention, starting from private companies.

During the ceremony, Lucio Rubio Diaz, General Director of Enel Colombia, together with other company executives, opened trading on the Colombian stock exchange by ringing the bell

“At Codensa Emgesa, we really believe that promoting diversity and inclusion demonstrates the ability of companies to foster all the people who work for us and our concrete commitment to a sustainable future," said Lucio Rubio Diaz, General Director of Enel Colombia.

“We are concretely committed to promoting gender equality at our company: in the last three years, we have increased the recruitment of women; 30% of company staff is now composed of women, and they also fill 24% of management roles. These figures are truly impressive especially if one considers that the energy sector is traditionally male-dominated."

To improve these results, Enel’s two Colombian subsidiaries are promoting numerous initiatives to ensure women equal conditions of work, remuneration and salary, in addition to training and professional support and development in a healthy and fair work environment.