Health and safety, Enel receives the PREVER Award


Health and safety at work, the prevention of the risk of accidents and the psychophysical integrity of people have always been Enel’s most valuable asset to protect. The continuous search for best practices to prevent accidents at work and to promote a sound health and safety culture is front and centre in the company’s strategy.

The ongoing commitment of the Group along this line - developed through the integration of safety in processes and in training, the reporting and analysis of near misses, the strict selection and management of contractors, quality controls, the sharing of experiences throughout the Group and the exchange with top players at global level - has earned our company the PREVER 2016 Award, in the international category, from the Spanish General Council for Industrial Relations and Occupational Sciences (CGRICT). 

Antonio Dentini, Head of Health & Safety Holding at Enel, will receive the award at the ceremony of the 18th edition of the PREVER Award, to be held in Oviedo, Spain, on March 31.

The CGRICT is a leading institution for the prevention of risks at work at national and international level. It created the award in 1998 to honour the people, institutions and companies who, in different categories, stand out for their commitment in this field. Candidates for the prize are nominated and evaluated by a committee composed of representatives of the Directorates General of the Autonomous Communities, of the Spanish National Institute for Health and Safety, and of the European Agency for Health and Safety.

The Health and Safety strategy of Enel is focused on promotion and consolidation of a culture of health and safety of all the people involved in its activities anywhere in the world.

In 2015, Enel invested €242 million in safety, up by 1.5% compared to 2014, and started several projects to raise awareness of risks and to promote responsible behavior in order to ensure the conduct of quality work without accidents.

The drivers that guide the Group in the continuous improvement of health and safety standards are based on some fundamental pillars: leadership, technological progress and innovation, the promotion of health and organizational wellness, road safety and training.

In the field of training, the Group delivers about 900,000 hours of training on average every year to employees, with the aim of increasing specific skills and knowledge throughout the Group. In addition, about 300,000 hours of training, information and safety induction sessions are provided to contractors.