Colombia, technology to the rescue


An alliance to put technology at the service of people. Codensa, a company of the Enel Group, has announced an agreement with the Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) which will improve the lives of both visually and hearing impaired people.

From June, the partnership with Codensa will give life to two new services for disabled customers which can be used through any smart device (smartphone, tablet), both with iOS and Android systems: the Centro de Relevo, created by MinTIC over 15 years ago, is a platform for bi-directional services that helps hearing impaired people to communicate with one another through their computer, tablet, and mobile phones with the aid of sign language interpreters and ConVerTIC, a software that allows visually impaired users to access services and information online via a audio player. Both services will be accessible via the web directly from home or through the company’s customer service centers.

The agreement builds on the strategy “Codensa is inclusive” that has already promoted cutting-edge projects, such as invoices in Braille, and the customer service centers accessibility for disabled, a strategy in line with the UN sustainable development goals that the Group has embraced.

“Thanks to that wonderful and powerful tool that is the Internet, projects like Centro de Relevo and ConVerTIC make it possible today to create the conditions for true inclusion in all parts of the country,” said David Luna, Colombia’s ICT Minister, at the presentation of the agreement.

“At Codensa and Emgesa, both companies of the Enel Group, inclusion is a priority in order to respect the diversity of people, their characteristics and their rights. So far, we have invested more than USD 43 million in the implementation of strategies and mechanisms to facilitate real and tangible development of contacts with differently abled people,” concluded Lucio Rubio Diaz, Enel Colombia General Director.

This technology  is dedicated to the many hearing and visually impaired people who monthly contact the company via the customer service.