RES4MED, green innovation for Africa


Innovation and renewables to drive energy development in the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa will be the topic of the 5th annual RES4MED Conference, the platform for the development of alternative energy sources in the Mediterranean area, coordinated by Enel’s Renewables business line, scheduled on Monday, 22 May, at the Enel Auditorium in Rome.

The title of this conference which will be broadcast via live streaming from 9:30 am on our website is “Innovation as the key enabler to power Africa” and aims at resuming the discussion between institutions, companies and experts on the role of innovation and green technology to give Africa a competitive and sustainable energy system, starting from the guidelines identified during the event which is linked to the G7 Energy Ministers meeting that was held in Rome on the 9 of April.

The conference will be an opportunity to present innovative solutions and business models to direct investments in projects that can bring electricity to hundreds of millions of Africans. The meeting will also take stock of the first five years of activity of RES4MED and discuss its future.

The meeting will be opened by Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of the organization, Antonio Cammisecra, Renewable Energies Global Division Director and President of RES4MED, Francesco Starace, Enel's CEO, Massimo Gaiani, Director General for Globalisation and Global Affairs at the Italian Foreign Ministry and Christine Lins, Secretary General of REN21.

The agenda will also feature a panel on “Innovation thinking and innovative business,” introduced by Ernesto Ciorra, Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Enel, and in the afternoon a focus on Africa, opened by Francesco Venturini, Director of Enel’s New Global E-Solutions Division.