Enel's sustainability all in an App


All of Enel’s sustainability is available with a simple touch, directly on your smartphone or tablet. The App with the data of the 2016 Enel Sustainability Report is available free of charge, in Italian and English, on the Apple, Google and Enel App stores.

Enel Seeding App - the application takes its name from the title of Enel’s sustainability report “Seeding Energies” - is a handy, fast and sustainable way to always have the main data of the Enel Group, the priority analysis, the data of the 2016 Sustainability Report and the 2017-2019 Sustainability Plan always at your fingertips, without wasting paper and ink.

Among the first apps of its kind in the world, it tells about Enel's commitment to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.

In September 2015, Enel undertook specific commitments with regard to four SDGs: #7 on clean and affordable energy, #4 on quality education, #8 on decent work and inclusive, sustainable and lasting economic growth, and #13 on the fight against climate change with targeted actions to decarbonise the energy production mix by 2050.

Testifying to the importance that Enel attaches to the engagement of all its stakeholders, the App shows in a simple and straightforward way the matrix of priorities that identifies the most significant business and sustainability issues for our stakeholders and for Enel.

As in the paper report (downloadable from both the app and from the website www.enel.com), the App allows you to see Enel’s main sustainability data with a glance at the future.

You can download the Enel Seeding App from public stores on Apple Store or Play Store.