Eurelectric, the value of electrification


The European electric energy sector is now committed to the energy transition as well as to the decarbonization of the economy. In this respect, Eurelectric, the sector association representing the electricity industry in 32 European countries, has been identifying both priorities and guidelines in order to support the transition of the market towards a new energy model.

This is the topic that shall be discussed during the association’s annual meeting in EstorilPortugal, on June 19 and 20.

Plug & Play: Charged for the Future? is the title of this year’s meeting, which will focus in particular on the value of electrification and its fundamental place on the path towards the decarbonization of the European economy as well as on the new role that customers will be playing in a society becoming ever more digital and electric.

Enel will participate in the annual convention and the Group’s CEO’s, Francesco Starace, will be among the speakers of the opening session.

Eurelectric 2017 is also a great opportunity for us to prove our commitment towards a low-emission economy through our official partnership with Formula E-the single-driver electric vehicle championship promoting a sustainable mobility model.

Enel, the biggest European integrated utility as per capitalization of the market and among the main European electric companies in terms of installed capacity, has a strategic plan completely in line with the themes and targets of Eurelectric. In fact, through a progressive reduction of thermoelectric production from fossil fuels Eurelectric also has the goal of decarbonizing its own energetic mix by the year 2050.