Seeding Energies, the transparency of sustainability


Telling about the sustainability of Enel's business in a transparent, measurable and clear way. This is the objective that Enel has pursued since 2006 in drawing up the company's Sustainability Report by applying the guidelines and reporting standards developed and updated periodically by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the independent international organisation, which for twenty years now has been helping companies, governments and all operators interested in understanding and communicating the impact of sustainability in business.

This effort has been acknowledged by including Enel’s latest Sustainability Report, Seeding Energies, Sustainability Report 2016, in the GRI database and in the Featured Reports section on the home page of the organisation’s website.

“Driving the energy transition and making a tangible contribution to the achievement of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, providing clear and precise disclosure: this is Enel’s Sustainability Report, Seeding Energies, which every year documents our commitment and our results”
Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

In view of ever greater transparency toward stakeholders, Enel follows and participates actively in the development of the new frontiers of accountability to pursue the integrated communication of financial and non-financial performance.

In December 2016, our company joined the GRI’s Standards Pioneers Programme, “Lead the Way in Sustainability Reporting,” to disseminate the new common parameters for the assessment, measurement and reporting of sustainability performance.

The reporting process takes place through the collection and processing of economic, environmental and social sustainability performance indicators, as set out by GRI guidelines, together with the accountability principles and recommendations of the United Nations Global Compact. Projects, activities, performance and results, including the progress made toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, in line with the SDG Compass, have been reported in the 2016 Sustainability Report.

The completeness and reliability of the report have been verified by an accredited independent auditing firm, by the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and the Control and Risks Committee. The report is then approved by the Board of Directors of the Group and presented at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

To provide maximum visibility and communicate openly and transparently to all our stakeholders, from shareholders, through financial analysts, to the communities in which we operate so that sustainability can be the pillar and guidance of our business, the 2016 edition of the Group Sustainability Report is easily accessible, both in the Investors section of, and through the Seeding Energies App, available free of charge, in Italian and in English, on the Apple, Google and Enel App stores.

To simplify reading and tell about the different highlights in which the report is divided, in the Stories section of, you can find more information about the results and objectives for all the key issues of our sustainability strategy, such as the decarbonization of the energy mix, the environment, the relationship with communities and innovation.