Forbes World’s Best Employers List: Enel in the top 20


We are not only among the large companies that are changing the world, but also among those that are doing so by focusing on the quality of the working environment and the promotion of people.

After being included in Fortune’s prestigious "Change the World List," our Group can now boast yet another accolade: we are among the top 20 of Forbes’ World’s Best Employers List 2017, first among global utilities and the first among Italian companies.

The Forbes ranking, drawn up annually by the authoritative American magazine, is based on the analysis conducted by Statista, a leading statistical agency in the United States, of 36,000 global recommendations to draw up the list of the 500 best employers in the world. The survey is based on the Forbes 2017 Global 2000, the list of the 2,000 largest public and private companies in 58 countries, a ranking drawn up every year by the American magazine based on four benchmarks: sales, profits, assets and market value. To draw up the World’s Best Employers List 2017, employees of the companies involved were asked to evaluate their employer, asking among other things, whether they would recommend a friend to apply for a job.

For us, the health, safety, wellbeing and promotion of the 63,500 people working in 30 countries in every continent of the world are fundamental to the growth and development strategy of our Group.

The Open Power model and vision, which link the strategy to tangible behaviours, are also used in all operational aspects to increase the involvement and participation of people working at Enel. It is a vision that is applied from the recruiting phase: from the filing of applications to the interview, until entry into the Group. We guide new hires along a path that allows them to bring out their skills, ideas and potential.

Once you have entered the company, you have various tools at your disposal to reconcile your private life and work and to face everyday life as best as possible: flexible working hours, working hour bank, part time, and smart working. In addition to these and the many hours of training (particularly on health and safety procedures) and professional refresher courses, we also carry out programmes to enhance the value of our people. An example is the Open Innovability platform, through which we seek innovative business solutions, opening us to the world of startups and innovators as well as to colleagues who want to propose new ideas and business solutions. Another initiative is the My Best Failures programme, launched to share mistakes and failures among colleagues, transforming them into opportunities for everyone’s improvement. Because, as Albert Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

The values and the open model that Enel promotes among its employees correspond to some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda: health and wellness, quality education and gender equality. With reference to the latter, our appreciation of diversity and inclusion was also recognised by Thomson Reuters, which, in November 2016, ranked us 25th among the 100 best international companies in the respect of diversity and inclusion of employees.

People are our best energy. And thanks to them we are, as Fortune and Forbes have acknowledged, among the companies that best contribute to improving the world by improving the working conditions of their employees.