All the energy of Enel X

Enel X is the new brand identity, designed by Wolff Olins, for the Global Business Line e-Solutions. The letter X can signify many things. X is commonly understood as the symbol of multiplication; in our case the multiplication of value. X can also represent a crossroads; for Enel X this is where the needs of the customer meet with our desire to satisfy them. X is also the symbol we use to express our choice when we vote; in the case of Enel X the symbol affirms a conscious decision to improve the world we live in and, consequently, our lives. Enel X means all of these things and more. The Enel X brand was launched in London on 20 November and then explained to financial analysts the following day at Capital Markets Day 2017 during the presentation of our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

Due to appear on the market in 2018, what is Enel X exactly? The new brand is a reflection of our Open Power strategy, bringing together and reinforcing our organization in order to seize the opportunities that are arising in a world that is in continuous evolution. The aim is to open up the energy sector to new uses, new technologies, new partnerships and new services for an increasing number of people. Enel X will be an accessible and immediate organisation that is always connected and at the cutting edge, driving progress for the world.

“The rapid transformations taking place across the entire energy industry are giving rise to new business models and creating new products and services. We are deeply committed to playing a leading role, with Enel X at the forefront of this new frontier,” explained Enel’s CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace.

“There are just two options,” maintained Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X, “standing on the sidelines and watching the others play, or seizing the initiative to dictate the rules of the game. We began working on this project two years ago and today we have the numbers and the technologies to choose the second option and play a different game, one that is far more substantial than those of our competitors. The great challenge is to transform a large utility like ours into a technology company. We believe that we are perfectly capable of succeeding.

Just like the four points on the letter X, the new brand has four fields of activity: e-City will develop sustainable and high tech solutions for the new smart cities, from street lighting and the illumination of artistic heritage sites to energy efficiency, security and fibre-optic connections; e-Home is for smart homes that are capable of saving increasing quantities of energy and offering greater comfort and wellbeing; e-Industries provides consultancy services, energy efficiency and distributed generation technology and the creation of off-grid and Demand Response solutions; e-Mobility will promote the spread of efficient electric mobility with recharging infrastructure, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology and second-life services for batteries.

In the words of Ryan O’Keeffe, Enel’s Director of Communications, Enel X “represents a completely new way of perceiving energy, no longer as a raw material, but as a service.” Enel no longer wants to be simply an energy supplier but rather a technological, creative and economic partner, offering customers a vast and expanding range of integrated digital solutions that connect people, homes and companies within a single network. “We aim to create an ecosystem,” continued O’Keeffe, “that we call the New Power Economy, an environment for trade in services and sustainable value based on the latest cutting-edge technologies, on partnerships and innovative ways to use energy. In short, an environment capable of taking full advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by digitalisation, in order to create shared value.”