The Enel Investor app, all our financials at your fingertips


Monitoring share movements on the markets, company acquisitions, the publication of quarterly results, major events like Capital Markets Day: in today’s economic landscape, the financial data of large industrial groups needs to be made available in real time for consultation by stakeholders, wherever they may be. This is why Enel has developed an app specifically designed to foster Investor Relations and communicate the Group’s financial information.

The Enel Investor app is a quick way of keeping up to date on all the main financial information about the Group: how the stocks are faring (current and historic), shareholdings, dividends, the financial calendar, strategy, price-sensitive press releases, company documents such as balance sheets and annual and quarterly presentations. It even includes an interactive tool that sends push notifications about stocks, press releases, results and events on the investor meetings calendar. 

The app also allows users to monitor the Group’s economic and operating results as well as market movements and the implementation of our Strategic Plan. It is aimed principally at our economic-financial stakeholders but also more generally at anyone interested in the economic and strategic aspects of the energy market. To mirror the Group’s international profile, the app is available in both English and Italian.

As part of our commitment to continuous innovation, we will be gradually updating the app with new features as needs arise. In view of Capital Markets Day, for example, we added a bespoke section that includes not only the event’s programme, times and other relevant information, but also live streams and multimedia contributions from Enel top management on subjects of most interest to the Group. Anyone that registers for the app can download the presentation, add their own notes and comments, and then send it to their email address.

This paperless approach was selected to reflect the sustainability criteria that lie at the very heart of Enel’s strategy. The app is very much part of the process of digitalisation that we have considered one of the cornerstones of our industrial development for quite some time now. Digitalisation also means facilitating communications as transparently as possible, particularly in an area like finance in which accessing and exchanging information in real time is absolutely essential. 

The Enel Investor app can be downloaded free from either the App Store for iOS devices (version10 or later) or from Play Store for Android (version 4.2.x or later). It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and is also available for tablets.