The Enel Group takes action at global level in order to face the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency

The Enel Group is taking action at global level in order to face the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. In doing so, it aims to minimize the spread of infection among its staff while ensuring the continuity of its business and service in the 32 countries where it operates.

  • Enel has set up a Global Task Force in order to coordinate and direct the actions to be taken in the 32 countries where the Group is present. This is in synergy with the Group’s Global Technology Business Lines. The Global Enel Task Force provides official indications so that each country, through dedicated task forces, can manage any local emergencies that may occur.
  • Enel has committed to take measures to support the main organizations that foster health and social security in the regions and communities where it works every day.
  • In every country where the Group operates, Enel is constantly monitoring the information concerning COVID-19, taking preventive measures and all necessary actions. This is in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization and national and local authorities. The aim is to ensure the health and security of its staff, while guaranteeing the continuity of the service it provides.
  • In all countries, Enel has activated continuous teleworking (or telecommuting) for all its employees that can perform their jobs from home until further notice. The only exception is related to those activities that cannot be performed remotely, in particular the ones that are necessary in order to guarantee the continuity of the service and security of national electricity systems. This decision is in line with the precautionary actions that were adopted by the Group at the beginning of the emergency.
  • Enel has drawn up an insurance policy to cover the Group’s over 68,000 employees worldwide in the event of hospitalization if they contract the COVID-19 virus. The solution is the first insurance tool in the world aimed at guaranteeing support at a global level for the current pandemic.
  • Furthermore, Enel has carried out a series of simulations, tests and verifications on its infrastructure, and has encountered no issues for its normal operations. In light of the possible evolution of the situation, incremental measures have been set up for generation and network facilities that are necessary for the continuity of the service and the security of national electricity systems.  
  • Finally, as of the end of February 2020, the Group has cancelled all international travel, except for any journeys that are necessary for the continuity of service. It has also announced that all internal events and training courses must be carried out using virtual attendance tools. This is in order to ensure business continuity.