2030 starts today


The special issue of Enel’s eMagazine focuses on the Group’s new Strategic Plan, which outlines its three-year plan and expands its horizon for the first time to a 10-year vision.

The themes of the Strategic Plan, which is by its very nature a rich and complex document, have been neatly summarized. The data and information regarding the Group’s milestones and its strategic guidelines for the next 10 years are easy to read thanks to visually impactful infographics. The general graphic theme of the publication is the paths on which our work focuses: decarbonization, electrification, networks and platformization. 

This issue of the eMagazine can be downloaded online by anyone, and not just Enel employees. We created it with all of our stakeholders in mind, from shareholders to vendors, from analysts to journalists, and generally anyone interested in finding out where the energy sector is going and what Enel is doing to lead this transformation. 

An issue which explains that Enel’s 2030 starts today.

Download the eMagazine in pdf format here.