With the new organization it will be even easier to contact Enel A national toll free number with 25 Contact Centers and 2,300 operators
Rome, May 7, 2002 - Twenty five Contact Centers located throughout Italy and 2,300 operators. These are some of the data that characterize the toll free Number 800 900 800, a free service, active 24 hours a day, every day including holidays that Enel Distribuzione offers to its 30 million clients. From today, with a simple 800 900 800 telephone call you can carry out all the operations that you used to do at Enel's offices: stipulate, modify or cancel a contract, communicate metre readings, examine levels of consumption and payment, request billing to your bank account or credit card, receive tariff advice, obtain reconnection, receive breakdown information and alerts. As well, the toll free number providesa access to Enel Distribuzione services whixh are also available through the www.prontoenel.it portal and at the QUI Enel corner. The www.prontoenel.it portal is an actual on-line services outlet, visited by over 90,000 clients in the first three months of this year. Through the portal it is possible to carry out the most common operations, obtain the contract profile best suited to your energy needs and pay bills with credit cards. The Qui Enel corners are a new strong presence and are a new and stronger presence for Enel Distribuzione across the country. At these points - about 1,000 in all of Italy - the clients, assisted by expert personnel, can stipulate, modify or cancel a contract, obtain information on tariffs, consumption and bills, communicate metre readings, request bill payment with deduction from bank accounts or credit cards. From the beginning of the year until March 2002, Qui Enel has carried out about 75,000 operations. Thanks to this new commercial organization, Enel Distribuzione will be able to supply services of increasing efficiency and always closer to the customer's needs.

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